About Magic Suzy

Suzy's Story Is Unique In Magic 

Having grown up in a 15 year civil war in Beirut, Lebanon performing magic at upscale children's parties from California to Florida would have seemed out of the question. But that's exactly the path she took.

With $100 In Her Pocket

As a member of Lebanon's Armenian Christian minority, Suzy knew that life would be better in America. It took years to do it, but eventually she made it to the USA with $100 in her pocket and a dream, to share her love of life, laughter, and magic with as many children as possible.

California Girl

It was in Hollywood, California that she first met her husband, renowned mentalist and entertainer Joshua Seth, and he introduced her to the world's most exclusive club for magicians, The Magic Castle. It was there that she was able to see and learn from the very best magicians and practice her act on a regular basis. 

After several years of performing in Los Angeles, Suzy went on tour with Joshua Seth's stage show as a dancer and assistant on over 100 cruises during a five year run. She continued to perform her comedy magic act in the kid's clubs onboard the ships, expanding and improving her craft all the while.

Bringing Up Baby

Suzy and Joshua now have two beautiful children and are enjoying raising them in Saint Petersburg, Florida in the beautiful Tampa Bay. And now that she's sticking close to home, Suzy's been able to resume performing children's magic shows on a local basis around Saint Petersburg and Tampa.

The Future

Several magical projects are in the works for The Magic Suzy Show, including  TV appearances, a new instructional DVD, church fundraisers, and of course private birthday parties for kids.

Magic Suzy even does magic tricks on her kid's youtube toy review channel. Check out the video below -->

Magic is a wonderful way to bring laughter and joy into the world. I feel blessed to be able to share that experience with so many children
— Magic Suzy